Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hi all!

        Sorry for my long and unannounced absence.  Adapting to a new country and starting an MA programme at once was a bit more than I anticipated!  I have a few planned posts about hair and some new British favourites that will hopefully start appearing within the month.  Stay tuned!

         I would like add that since my earlier posts are going on three years now, I would encourage everyone to double check this information.  Most of the brands I discuss are Leaping Bunny approved, so the easiest course of action would simply be to compare my information against Leaping Bunny's current list.

         I would like to welcome any newcomers (Hi!)  and guide you towards my Guide for Sending and Interpreting Animal Testing Emails which can help you with your own research and discusses my cruelty free standards which have no changed.  Also check out my post What Does Cruelty Free Mean? which is a handy guide to all the terminology people throw around.

My Cruelty Free Standards:
1)  A company can not test ingredients and finished products on animals.
2) A company can not hire a third party to animal test ingredients or finished products.
3) A subsidiary can not be owned by a company that tests ingredients or finished products or contracts a third party to do so.
4) A company can not sell in China or any other country that reserves the right to animal test products sold there (I know there is some talk of things changing in China but nothing definite yet)