Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving! +Links

Hello, Everyone!  As you have most likely already guessed, the absence of posts has been due to my crazy pre-moving schedule.  I recently finished my visa application and am going out of town for a family event before returning and packing my life up to move to London early September.  I have so much information and correspondence to discuss but simply haven’t had the time to write the posts. 

Instead today I wanted to share a few links to cruelty free/vegan articles and websites as well as current event videos.  We must nurture the whole self, right?  These are just some things I’ve been enjoying that I wanted to share with you in lieu of original content.

Vegan in London
Vegan London – This website has a plethora of information on vegan restaurants, salons, stores and more in London.
Fat Gay Vegan – I love this blog which discusses eating vegan in London and vegan social events.
Go Cruelty Free – This website has a search for Leaping Bunny approved items in different countries!

Vlog Brothers because they make the news understandable

"Why are American Health Care Costs so High?"

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