Monday, March 18, 2013

Is Too Faced Cruelty Free?

***EDIT***  Too Faced has recently lost its Leaping Bunny Approval and therefore no longer meets my requirements to be a cruelty free brand.

           A while ago the most adorable makeup collection from Too Faced was pinned on Pinterest by Grace (cosmeticcouturier on YouTube).  While, no, I will not be digging into my bank account to purchase these products (everything is now exclusively earmarked for grad school), I’m interested in eventually trying out their BB cream (Beauty Balm) which is vegan and looks as though it might be light enough for me.  I’ve heard that Too Faced is cruelty free, but I wanted to double check especially to make sure the company met my cruelty free standards.  So I sent off an email March 6, 2013.

To whom it may concern:
I have some further questions about Too Faced's animal testing policies.  I was very happy to see that the FAQ section listed vegan products and already has PETA certification, however, I prefer to use the Leaping Bunny guide which has more stringent requirements to be considered cruelty free.  Does Too Faced test ingredients or finished products on animals or have a third party do so on their behalf?  Does Too Faced have a parent company, and, if so, is their animal testing policies the same as Too Faced's?  Does Too Faced direct sell to China or any other area which requires or reserves the right to animal test products?
Thank you!

Response from Too Faced on March 7, 2013:
Thank you for contacting us. In answer to your questions, no, we do not test ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do any of our labs do so on our behalf. We do not sell to China for this exact reason of your concern and will not do so as long as it is required to test on animals. We, like you, feel very strongly about the well-being of all of our furry friends, and will continue to reflect our beliefs in all of our behaviors beginning with the creation of our formulas all the way to the end product and where it is sold.  P.S. We are in the process of the Leaping Bunny approval, so stay tuned and stay Too Faced!
            Also, the Too Faced website’s FAQ section had the above to say about their animal testing policies.  Here, they list their vegan friendly products as well. This is great since a lot of ingredients can be plant or animal based and many labels do not differentiate the two.

           First of all, I’m excited that Too Faced is attempting to get Leaping Bunny certification for their business!  While they did not answer whether Leaping Bunny was a subsidiary or not I already assumed from earlier research that it was not.  I’m glad they answered the rest of questions clearly.
I’m excited to purchase their BB cream in the future!


  1. I love too faced and thanks for putting this info together

    1. No problem, jenz! I'm glad you found it helpful.

  2. I spoke with Leaping Bunny and apparently, they WERE certified, but removed. Legally, they cannot say why, simply that they were not eligible for certification. Just an update...

    1. Ugh, sorry to hear this. I really do need to go back and bring my older posts up to date. I always recommend double checking these older posts.

  3. Although Leaping Bunny is a great recourse it is not the only recourse of finding cruelty free products. They are not in California where Too Faced is based and charge thousands of dollars for an audit. They claim to only come to California a couple of times a year and haven't yet made Too Faced a priority. Too Faced not only refuses to test on animals but no other cosmetic company has done more for animal charities and rescues. That's where Too

  4. Faced puts their focus. Unlike Urban Decay as well as other companies, Too Faced has NEVER wavered on their moral conviction regarding animals!

  5. The ONLY reason Urban Decay and some others decided to stop testing on animals is because people got angry and started to boycott. It's only because of money that they went cruelty free. Too Faced's moral fiber regarding animals has ALWAYS been strong! It is what the company is about! Too Faced is NOT or EVER has tested on animals!

  6. YAYY!!!!
    Im so happy I really love too Faced and their products are seriously worth the price.
    Thanks so much for the info :D :D you made me happy!!!!