Friday, March 1, 2013

Cruelty Free and Vegan Favorites #3

My heart just exploded like the Grinch's!

Peppermint Tea
This year I became completely obsessed (well as obsessed as I generally become) with Starbuck’s soy chai latte.  However, this can be an expensive habit and attempts to concoct an at home version failed.  Incidentally I discovered another wonderful and simple hot beverage while traveling on the West Coast.  I was staying at a B&B which offered a large selection of tea 24/7.  One morning, I brewed up peppermint tea, added a sprinkle of sugar, and a splash of coconut milk…et voila!  I know!  I know! Simple, unoriginal, and I love it.

Hurraw! Lipbalms
            I believe I discovered these amazing lipbalms by reading a vegnews article on must have vegan products.  This truly is a must have product.  I purchased the intensely moisturizing Night Treatment Balm and Black Cherry Tinted Balm.  The Night Treatment Balm, on top of being the most moisturizing lip balm I’ve ever put on my lips, is organic, vegan, and has a heavenly scent of “blue chamomile vanilla.”  The cherry balm has a nice subtle tint.  I liked to use it while flying because it is moisturizing in the dry, gross airplane air and helps add a bit of color to my face.  Downside:  I wish they had SPF protection and then they would be perfect. [Link]

Elf’s Mineral Infused Mascara
            I have finally found my new favorite mascara.  I wore this everyday on my trip and I don’t think I’ll every switch to another formulation now.  It creates a very Downton Abbey eye by providing obvious definition and lengthening of lashes while keeping a natural look.  It was pretty easy to build up as well if necessary plus it is amazingly inexpensive. Downside:  I'm checking on whether this product is vegan now since a few of its ingredients can be both animal and plant derived.  [Link]

Pumpkin and Poppy’s Lady of Light Highlighter
            This was included in my first purchase from Kristy’s amazing makeup company.  I really love this highlighter since it is very natural, easy to use, and is vegan!  I was slightly nervous about the color because I am so pale but I find it to be very flattering.  I can’t imagine getting ready in the morning without this product now. [Link]


  1. I really like your blog, thank you for posting.

    I am just starting... however I am starting off by not using products/brands that test on animals. I am considering to become vegetarian. Any advice?

    Q1: How were the reactions regarding your decision of becoming Vegan?

    Q2: What were the advantages and disavantages of being vegan?


    ~ Life

    1. Hey Life! Thank you for the comment.

      I started off only using cruelty free products as well, and within a 8 months to a year I became completely vegan. I spent a good 2-3 months researching the vegan lifestyle before I switched over, and I avoided a lot of mistakes that others make when transitioning that way. The best tip I can give is to do research so in the moment when you need/want something or to do something you'll already know your options and not be frustrated.

      My friends and family where pretty supportive at first, but I believe that had more to do with the fact that they thought I wouldn't actually become vegan or at least wouldn't keep with it. I went vegan because I was unhappy with the mistreatment and abuse of animals so weight loss was never a motivator for me. However, I ended up losing a lot of weight, and my family very happy about this especially since it revitalized my desire to keep a healthy lifestyle with good food and exercise.

      At this point some of my "friends" started to get rather nasty and make jokes about veganism for no reason. None of our activities had altered based on my diet. One friend attempted to be vegan, and when he failed miserably because he didn't do any research, he got rather nasty about the whole thing. I think this all had more to do with my weight loss and their sad lives more than veganism.

      The advantages of becoming vegan are that I feel better and am happy and at peace with my life choices. Even before I lost the weight I noticed a difference in how I felt everyday. I'm never groggy or sluggish anymore, even when I am tired. My whole body simply functions better now. As part of my veganism I only purchase vegan items when it comes to food, clothes, and beauty products. I feel so much better about my choices now since they are in line with my beliefs. Before a lot of people told me that the system was just and we needed these things, but I always felt bad about buying them.

      The hardest part about becoming vegan is other people, which I suppose is good since it isn't really a disadvantage. Sometimes I don't get invited to things for whatever reason when food is involved. Sometimes people invite me and try really hard to make vegan food, but because the food they make ends up not actually being vegan, I have to turn it down. A lot of the time people ask questions because they want to understand, which I love, but other times people just make fun of me plain and simple. I suppose in that respect it is like any other choice you make.