Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About Me

I want my first post to reflect my reasons for creating this blog and to share a little about myself with you.
I have always been an animal lover (I own 5 cats & 2 rats), and very cognizant of the fact that some ways I lived my life were harming animals such as eating meat, wearing leather and makeup. Pretty much everyone around me did not give these issues any special attention beyond the occasional "oh well, thats too bad/sad." A few people, who I now know don't understand a lot of hidden things going on in these industries, told me that steaks and leather shoes were a part of life, "people eat cows, why waste the leather?"

However, 4-5 months ago after some serious realizations I began putting more effort into eating a significantly reduced amount of meat (still considering going vegan though) and completely cutting out cosmetic brands that are in the obvious no-go lists for anyone buying cruelty free products. I was really happy with my changes, and I was actually surprised at how easy it was because I didn't have to give up my favorite cosmetic items.

Whats the problem?
There are many brands that are on almost every cruelty free list (including PETA's which I was using as a guide before) that are owned by companies who do participate in animal testing. I personally do not feel comfortable buying these products, as the animal testing parent company will be receiving my money. I know there are many cruelty free shoppers who feel fine buying these brands because they believe this sends a signal to the parent company that they want cruelty free products. Honestly I really believe that these companies do not care one bit; owning one cruelty free product is a way for them to get your money instead of a small, lesser known 100% cruelty free company (I don't meant to offend anyone I am just explaining my position).

Two days ago I discovered that even more brands listed as cruelty free are not 100% cruelty free. Many widely accepted cruelty free brands have policies resembling this:

"We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law."

Then I found out that in the EU animal testing is banned and that the FDA does not require that safety tests be performed on animals. I have already gotten one response from a parent company, that is touted as the cruelty free model for other companies, that essentially says sometimes its the only way so that's what it does to sell its products.


So now what?
All of this has led me here. There is so much confusion, purposefully misleading statements and beating around the bush with this subject that if any of my posts help even one person, who wants to shop this way, buy a truly cruelty free product I will be happy.

Now my small disclaimer:
I am new to this! As I have said this is a confusing topic, but I will do the best I can providing information for companies. I will make sure to always show exactly what has been shown to me so you can draw your own opinions, but I will also express my own.

If I make any mistakes please, please, please correct me! I want to know the facts, and not spread the wrong information even if it is unintentional.

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