Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vegan London Favourites!

Since moving to London, I’ve been acquiring new favourites from products to food to places that I would love to share. 

Moo Free Chocolates
            The vegan chocolate in London is perfection.  There are a few brands with vegan milk chocolates that are available in stores.  My favourite so far have been has been Moo Free chocolates because the chocolate is creamy and they have so many varieties.  In my opinion, the best is the Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Bar.  They also have a Cranberry and Hazelnuts bar that is amazing.

Superdrug Brand
           Superdrug is a common drugstore that has its own extensive line of products.  All their store brand products are Leaping Bunny/BUAV approved, and items are clearly labelled vegetarian and/or vegan.  All their brand products are marked with a reflective star on the product.  I love their hand creams and lotions.  I also bought a BB cream from Superdrug that I recently reviewed.  This store made it easy for me to stock up on toiletries on arrival!

Nutty Grain and Vegetable Salad
            I pick this salad up from M&S Simply Food on a regular basis.  It has a quinoa base with a bunch of vegetables and assorted nuts.  A sweet, oily dressing is included that gives it a nice kick.  I love to eat it with hummus as well.  Highly recommended!

            This little shop by King’s Cross is great for picking up treats.  Everything they sell is vegan!  On top of stocking almost every kind of indulgent food item you thought you would never taste again, they sell shoes, clothes, and bags.  It’s a tiny shop but they pack a lot in.  website

The Rabbit Hole Vegan Hair Parlour
            I have never been one to really enjoy getting a haircut, but even so I was still excited to see London have a vegan salon.  Dori, the owner/stylist, is kind and really listened to what I wanted.  She gave me a great haircut plus tea and a cookie- yum!  This is just an all-around nice place to go!  They offer a wide range of services so check out their facebook page here.

Choral Concerts
            Random choice!  Every major church that I have visited or heard of has a choral evensong service.  They are other worldly.  I have yet to attend a service where I wasn’t blown away by the singing.  You simply must attend a choral service if you haven’t before!  It’s free to attend services, and the staff is always welcoming.

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